Star-pleated filter element

Star sieves for Simplex and Duplex filters

Star sieves are used in Simplex and Duplex filters for the filtration of liquids. Thus, the use of the sieve forms the core of the liquid filter. It consists of a support body and filter mesh that is pulled over it. Water, oil, lubricants or liquid fuel flow through the filter element from the outside to the inside, thus, dirt particles are filtered out by the filter medium, the cleaned liquid is discharged from the star-pleated filter element and returned to the system.

Benefits of a star-pleated filter

Due to the pleating of the existing stainless-steel, wire mesh filter material, the star-pleated filter element features a large filter area with the smallest diameter. That enables widely dispersed cleaning intervals and the use of fine sieve mesh with only a low pressure loss. Star-pleated filter elements attain a filter fineness of 10 to 250 microns.

Cleaning the sieve element

The pressure loss indicates the degree of contamination of the filter element, as an option, a differential pressure indicator can also be installed. To clean the sieve element, if using a Simplex filter, the system must be shut down or, if using Duplex filters, switching to the filter chamber in reserve by activating the switch plug.

The contaminated filter chamber is then initially depressurized using the vent screw, the housing cover of the switched-off filter chamber is opened and the star-pleated filter element is pulled out using the sieve frame. The filter element can be freed of coarse particles of contamination by shaking. Adhering contamination is removed by soaking and flushing using a cleaning solvent and, as necessary, light high-pressure cleaning. At the conclusion of cleaning, the filter element is blown out using compressed air. After a maximum of four to five hours, the clean star-pleated filter element can be installed into the filter housing.

Star-pleated filter element with magnetic insert

If a greater proportion of ferrite is contained in the liquid to be filtered, the star-pleated filter element can also be equipped with a magnetic insert. This magnetic insert consists of a cylindrical magnet, placed on a metal rod and is located in the centre of the filter element. For cleaning and before installing the star-pleated filter element, the magnetic insert is removed, the contamination on the insert can then be lightly wiped off.

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Technical data

Simplex filter types1.12.2, 1.78.1/1.58.1, BFB-P
Duplex filter types2.04.5, BFD, BFD-P
Automatic filter types
Filtration grades from/to10 µm - 250 µm (for types 1.12.2, 2.04.5: 10 µm - 150 µm)
Filter mediastainless steel wire mesh
Magnetic insertoptional
Flow direction► [  ] ◄
Cleaning / replacementmanual cleaning