BOLLFILTER as nozzle protection for crate washers

Hygiene plays a major role in the beverage industry. Breweries, mineral springs, soft drink manufacturers or dairies, that work with deposit systems, use crate washer to clean plastic crates. Depending on the type of crate washer (single- or double-end machine) the crates are thoroughly soaked and subsequently vigorously sprayed with circulating- and fresh water.

High pressure nozzle systems clean the crates. Label-removing high-pressure nozzles remove strongly adherent labels, barcodes price labels or stickers. Flush-off showering ensures an even water distribution across the entire crate.

The BOLLFILTER Automatic aquaBoll® / Type 6.18 protects the nozzle system from blocking and simultaniously increase the cleaning quality of the crates. At the same time, the maintenance effort and the risk for unscheduled failures are reduced.

Your benefits:

  • Improved cleaning results
  • Block prevention of the spray nozzles
  • Reliable operation of the washer
  • Reduced maintenance
  • BOLL & KIRCH supports a sustainable application here: Reuse of bottle crates


Crate washer – Nozzle protection

Existing coarse manual filter screens caused too many interruptions, blocked nozzles and insufficient cleanliness of the beer crates at Carlsberg. The crate washing machine at Carlsberg in Frederica is in operation 24 hours from Monday to Thursday. The screen filter was blocked one or two times per shift and as a result, the unfiltered fluid containing dirt, label sediment, metal and fibres entered the nozzles in the spray bars. Nozzles got blocked quite fast and crates were not thoroughly cleaned. Manual overhauls of the machine and the spray bars had to be performed every weekend.
Carlsberg decided to change the coarse filter screen and to invest in automatic self-cleaning BOLLFILTERs for nozzle protection.

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