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BOLLFILTER filtration in the paper industry

BOLLFILTER systems have proven their value in many paper application processes, such as the filtration of raw water, sealing water, process water and cooling water. Mill owners have chosen them thanks to a history of exceptional reliability and their minimal maintenance requirements.

Spraying nozzles protection in the paper industry

One of the most common applications is in the shower water processes where the filters protect the shower nozzles. Automatic filtration ensures paper mill keeps manufacturing at maximum rate. Installed in the shower supply line, they prevent clogging and resultant costly downtime and loss of production. BOLL & KIRCH has supplied dozens of BOLLFILTER Automatic for shower water applications, with a proven performance of 24 hour protection with a normal annual service interval.

Raw water filtration

Raw water filters need to be reliable, accurate and as maintenance free as possible. BOLL & KIRCH filters quite rarely need spare parts during their first ten years of operation. BOLL & KIRCH filter candles are made of titanium alloy stainless steel. Raw water filters are very important components in a pulp or paper mill's process system. Defect free operation is essential.

Sand filter police filters

Sand filters quite often release some sand particles and they need to be filtered out before they go to production. Sand particles are easy to remove with BOLLFILTERs. Due to the large filtration areas, BOLL & KIRCH filters are very economical since the sand filtered and/or chemically treated water is expensive. The loss of water during the flushing is usually a couple of seconds total flow a day. BOLL & KIRCH filter candles last for decades in these applications.

Nozzle protection
Nozzle protection

The automatic filter protects the nozzle from blockage and allows uninterrupted spraying performance. Our advanced filter technology safeguards your equipment's nozzle, allowing you to focus on achieving optimal results without worrying about maintenance issues.

No downtime
No downtime

Experience uninterrupted operations with BOLLFILTER and witness a significant boost in productivity.

Protection of your system
Protection of your system

BOLLFILTER is a crucial component for ensuring the durability and longevity of your system. By implementing BOLLFILTER, you can safeguard against potential damages that may arise from contaminants or debris in your equipment. 

UPM Finland equipped with BOLLFILTER
UPM paper mill, Finland »

Mill owners have chosen BOLLFILTERs for their exceptional reliability and their minimal maintenance requirements.

UPM Shotton paper mill equipped BOLLFILTER
UPM paper mill, Wales »

UPM paper mill in Shotton trusts BOLLFILTER for the automatic debris removal of the wash water.



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