Component Parts

Component parts play important roles in ensuring the effectiveness, efficiency, and longevity of our filters across various applications. Each BOLL component part is carefully designed and engineered to deliver reliable and efficient filtration performance in demanding industrial environments. 

Key component parts of BOLLFILTER systems

These are some of the key component parts commonly found in BOLLFILTER systems:

Differential Pressure Indicator: BOLLFILTER systems often include differential pressure indicators to monitor the pressure drop across the filter element. This allows operators to assess the condition of the filter and determine when maintenance, such as cleaning or replacement, is required.

Electronic Control: In larger or more complex BOLLFILTER systems, a control panel may be provided to monitor and manage filtration processes. The control panel incorporates features such as digital displays, alarms, and control switches to facilitate operation and maintenance.

Seals and O-rings: Seals and O-rings are essential components in BOLLFILTER systems to ensure leak-tight connections between various parts of the filter assembly. These seals are typically made from materials compatible with the fluids and operating conditions.

These are some common components we offer, but the specific design and features can vary depending on the application and requirements of the system in which the filter is used. 

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