Responsible use of resources
  • Environmental management system
  • Managing energy
  • Reducing waste
Strategies for sustainable future

Thinking long-term and acting responsibly

BOLL & KIRCH is not only a specialist for customized filtration solutions, but also stands for sustainable products  that minimize harmful effects on the environment and conserve resources.

Our motto "Thinking long-term and acting responsibly" ist supported by our environmental policy, based on four pillars :

1. Commitment to protect our environment

The preservation of our natural environment and the livelihoods of future generations, job security and the continuous improvement of working conditions in all areas of the company are of particular concern to the management.

It has therefore introduced a mandatory environmental management system that meets the requirements of the internationally valid environmental standard ISO 14001.

In addition, by implementing ISO 50001, we have adopted a systematic approach to managing energy use throughout our operations. This provides a framework to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and improve environmental performance.

2. Avoidance of environmental pollution and waste

The management and all employees undertake to avoid any unnecessary environmental pollution.

The available resources are to be used optimally, the waste of energy, water and raw materials is to be avoided.

Waste products from processing are to be reused in a sensible and environmentally compatible manner or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

3. Commitment to open communication

All employees of the company have been informed about the contents and objectives of the environmental management system and the effects on all work processes.

The environmental policy of Boll & Kirch Filterbau GmbH can be made available to all interested members of the public upon request.

Request now. 

4. Commitment to permanent improvement

By formulating environment-related goals and establishing an environmental management system, the management commits itself to continuous improvement and minimization of the impact on the environment. 

This means that the organization strives to enhance its environmental performance over time by setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets, implementing effective environmental management programs, and regularly monitoring and evaluating its progress.