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Maritime Fuel Oil Filtration Systems

Our filtration solutions protect your ship‘s engine

BOLL & KIRCH offers a reliable protection from damages caused by “cat fines”. In order to avoid excessive wear of critical engine components, it is recommended to enhance the fuel system filtration before the engine is damaged by those deleterious “cat fines”. As a proven expert for filtration on marine engines, BOLL & KIRCH equips the largest proportion of all engines with filter components. With the expertise and know-how of our 30 years of expertise, we are optimally positioned to provide advice and service for the maritime industry worldwide. Our global network and comprehensive service always offer smooth ship operation.

BOLL & KIRCH offers individual fine filter solutions for supply or booster systems either for existing systems or for newbuilding layout.

Cat fine removal in Supply Systems

The automatic filter is strategically positioned upstream of the pumps within the booster system, maintaining its location within the cold circuit of the fuel system. Operating within this section of the system, the temperature typically hovers around 100°C, while the operating pressure ranges between 5 to 10 bar.

Given that the flow rate at this juncture roughly corresponds to the consumption demands of the engine, the design of the filter can be relatively smaller compared to its counterparts within the booster system. This optimization not only ensures efficiency but also minimizes space requirements and installation complexities.

Moreover, the placement of the filter at this critical juncture holds significant advantages. By intercepting the fuel before it enters the booster system, the filter effectively captures and removes contaminants, safeguarding the integrity of downstream components and enhancing the overall reliability of the fuel system.

Cat fine removal in Booster Systems

The automatic filter occupies a crucial position downstream from both the pressure pumps and the heating system within the fuel system. Operating in an environment where temperatures reach 140-160°C and pressures range from 12 to 16 bar, it plays a pivotal role in ensuring fuel quality before reaching the engine.

Given the significantly heightened flow rates - 2 to 3 times greater than those in the cold circuit - the automatic filter demands a larger surface area to maintain optimal filtration efficiency. Despite its increased size, its strategic placement immediately preceding the engine ensures prime protection against contaminants, safeguarding engine performance and longevity. 

Cat fine removal before Service Tank

Here the auto filter is installed downstream of the purifier before the service tank. A major advantage of this installation is that the number of backflushes of the filter can give a direct indication about the fuel oil quality or the purifier efficiency before the fuel oil is stored in the service tank. Thus, both components can best be adjusted to each other.

As usual a part of the fuel oil is recirculated in the settling tank, a multiple passage of the fuel oil through purifier and filter is achieved. This will have a positive effect on the separation efficiency of the purifier and the filter. Such an installation can be realized for newbuildings as well as for retrofits.

As the cat fines are discharged in such an early stage, the accumulation of cat fines in the service tank can be prevented. For retrofits the advantage is that no changes on an existing supply and booster system must be made. In case the operation pressure upstream of the auto filter position is less than 1.5bar the auto filter needs to be pressured by an additional pump in order to let the auto filter operate properly.

Your Benefits:
  • Space-saving design                           
  • Precise degree of filtration     
  • Fuel cost savings by reduction of the backflush volume
  • Easy to install and retrofit                    
  • Reduced risk of engine failure             
  • Improves service life of components in engine and injection system
  • Reduced maintenance costs
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