Basket filter for coarse filtration

A basket filter is suitable for coarse filtration or with low contamination. The dirt collects in the basket-like screen insert and can be easily removed during cleaning. But the filter element can also be adapted for the finest metallic chips: If desired, magnets can be installed in the screen basket filter.

Fields of application

Filter elements such as the screen basket filter are essential for every BOLLFILTER and are individually adapted to our customers' various fields of application. The BOLL & KIRCH screen basket insert, made of stainless-steel wire mesh and a perforated plate, can be used in both single filters as well as in double filters. Here the screen basket filter is used for the filtration of liquid, viscous and gaseous media, i.e. liquids, oils or gases.

Application example

Our Duplex Type 2.04.5 double filter for the filtration of liquids, such as water, oil and liquid fuels, can be installed in suction or pressure lines to protect the downstream plant components (valves, pumps, gate valves, manometers or pipelines). The filter consists of two filter chambers in which a screen basket filter can be inserted as a filter element.

Only original BOLL basket filters

If you need filter elements, such as the screen basket inserts, we recommend that you only use original parts from BOLL & KIRCH. This way, we can ensure that your filters function exactly as they did before they were replaced.



Technical data

Simplex filter types1.12.2, 1.03.2, 1.65.1/1.53.1
Duplex filter types2.04.5, 2.05.5, 2.06.5, BFD
Automatic filter types
Filtration grades from/to70 µm - 5 mm (for types 1.12.2, 2.04.5: 150 µm - 5 mm)
Filter mediastainless steel wire-mesh, perforated plate
Magnetic insertoptional
Flow direction[ ◄ ► ]
Cleaning / replacementmanual cleaning