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Wellboats: Pre-filtration of disinfection systems

On live fish transport vessels, the water in the fish tanks needs to be kept free of external soiling as well as of soiling arising from within the cycle on a permanent basis. This is a feature the BOLLFILTERs reliably tackle by means of a downstream disinfection unit.

Fishfarming and wellboats

Salmon are raised in Norwegian fjords, for example, where nets are joined together to make breeding pens. Once the fish are fully grown and ready for processing, they must be removed from the nets and transported to the fish factories for processing. Wellboats have been developed to do this. These vessels are like mobile aquariums, or fish taxis. As such, they are invaluable to the entire fisheries sector. Only these wellboats make it possible to operate high-quality fisheries.

Although storage capacity differs, an ideal wellboat can have a capacity of around 1,400 cubic metres and accommodate up to 180 tonnes of fish. To get the fish on board, pipes with suction nozzles are connected to the breeding pens at sea. The fish are transported through these pipes into the tank section of the boat without harming the fish in any way.
The biggest challenge to using these kinds of wellboats in the fisheries sector is ensuring that the storage facilities are hygienic and the water in the tanks in which the fish are kept is changed regularly. 

Protection of the UV system with BOLLFILTER

Just like in any aquarium, care must also be taken with maintaining the water temperature, the water circulation, and disinfection.
The seawater is disinfected using UV systems. We are already familiar with this method of disinfection in connection with ballast water. The UV system is protected with an automatic filter to ensure that UV efficiency remains at a consistently high level over the long term.

This automatic and continuously running pre-filtration process with the automatic filter aquaBoll® enables optimal functioning of the disinfection unit.

Your benefits:

  • Custom connection options
  • Fine filtration down to 20 μm
Protection of UV System
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