Lube oil filtration in the Oil & Gas industry

Lubricating Oil is commonly used for bearings & gears, as well as for cooling & control applications. Compressors and turbines demand a critical level of lubrication oil quality to properly reduce maintenance related downtimes and increase equipment lifetime.

Appliance to API 614 requirements for filters

Within the Oil and Gas industry, and for turbomachinery in general, the API 614 is one of the most well-known and specified standards around the world as it pertains to rotating equipment.
The API 614 standard provides an extensive, state-of-the-art description of the requirements for the filter design. As specified by the API 614, our Duplex BFD filter  allows continuous flow during fluid transfer from the active housing to the standby one, and easy cartridge change-out. The standard design uses a full-bore switchover ball valve with a resilient seat design. It offers a tight shut off for easy and safe service, thus eliminating the risk of potential leaks and the need for spectacle blinds.

Despite API 614, BOLLFILTER applies to industry standards like API 617, API 618 and API 619. We fulfill the highest requirements for Lube Oil filtration, serving both onshore and offshore applications all around the world.

Filtration as protection of rotating equipment

For the protection of the bearings and components within the compressor or turbine hydraulic system, proper filtration solution is essential. Particle removal efficiency of 10 µm and below is a common requirement in today’s rotating equipment industry, leading to reduced wear and prolonged lifetime.

Lubrication system protected by BOLLFILTER

Lube Oil is commonly re-circulated in a closed circuit to the bearings. The closed circuit generally consists of a lube oil tank, a pump unit, heat exchanger with transfer valves and filter. These system supplies the bearings with clean oil at the required temperature, pressure and quantity. Main source of contamination comes from wear of the components within the system and aging of the oil. This debris must be extracted from the system. With its range down to 10 µm and below, the filtration rating is crucial to the system operation and the long-term structural integrity and performance of the equipment.

Container Ship with Peterbrotherhood steam turbine equipped with BOLLFILTER
Peter Brotherhood Ltd »

Peter Brotherhood Ltd, manufacturer of steam turbines, trusts BOLLFILTER for the filtration of Control & Lube Oil.

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