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Filter Elements for your BOLLFILTER

Only original filter elements from BOLL & KIRCH guarantee the full functionality of the filters. 

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Discover the original filter elements from BOLL & KIRCH

Whether for industrial water filters, oil filters or gas filters: Filter elements are the heart of every BOLLFILTER and are individually adapted to various fields of application. By using the most suitable type of fabric, the protective function of the filter is guaranteed at all times and the defined solid particles are safely retained. 

Maximize filtration efficiency with varied filter elements structures

Filter elements consist primarily of a support body and the filter mesh, which is pulled over it. Different constructions, such as star sieves, filter cartridges or filter candles, provide different large filter areas. Due to the optimum combination of the core components, the required cleaning effect can be attained for every medium.

Depending on the type of filter and filtration performance required, diverse meshes and materials are used for the filter elements. The filter material, such as sieve insert or filter candle, consists of linen, stainless steel (CrNiMo steel) or polyester in different widths of mesh. This way, the requirements for the appropriate sphere passage as well as the filter fineness required, is ensured. In addition to the maximum attainable filter fineness being dependent on the filter medium, so are the temperature, resistance to pressure and the service life. Whilst stainless-steel wire mesh can be cleaned often and used over a long period of time, superfine disposable cartridges with a filter medium made from fleece, must be replaced after each use.

In line with our manufacturer's warranty, you should fall back on BOLL & KIRCH parts in case of damage.

    Our inserts convince with quality management by:

    • deployment of high precision machinery and manufacturing processes
    • ensuring constant quality of material and production processes
    • improvements and further developments incorporated into ongoing spare parts production
    • certification in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001