BOLLFILTER is committed to compliance


For the success of the BOLLFILTER Group it is essential that all companies within the Group are committed to business ethics principles, responsibly and in accordance with the laws and rules of fair competition.
Accordingly, BOLLFILTER has introduced a Compliance Management System (CMS) with focus on combating corruption and compliance with competition and antitrust regulations. In particular, infringements in these areas can lead to considerable damage, which must be avoided at all costs. As a matter of course BOLLFILTER also observes a behavior in line with the rules of compliance in all other areas.
Key elements of the CMS are the BOLLFILTER Compliance Program, information events on relevant topics and a whistleblower system through which reports in regard to compliance and legal violations can be submitted.

Compliance Organization

The management function in the area of compliance is the task of CEO with the support of the Compliance Officer of the BOLLFILTER Group.
The responsibility of the CEO includes, in particular, the adoption of resolutions with regard to compliance issues, the decisions on measures to clarify and punish compliance infringements, the reporting to the shareholders and the Supervisory Board on compliance cases, measures taken and the further development of the compliance guidelines. 
The function of the Compliance Officer, appointed by the CEO, is performed by the Director Finance, Controlling and Compliance. The Compliance Officer has organizational responsibility for implementing and updating the guidelines issued by the management and serves as a point of contact for questions and suggestions regarding the BOLLFILTER CMS as well as for notifications of any violations of the compliance regulations. The Compliance Officer carries out clarification and disciplinary measures in the event of infrigemnets on the instructions of the management.
The overall responsibility in the subsidiaries of the BOLLFILTER Group for compliance issues, their monitoring and, if necessary, in consultation with the Compliance Officer of the BOLLFILTER Group – training courses is the responsibility of the general managers of the subsidiaries. Find out more.

BOLLFILTER Compliance Program

The BOLLFILTER Compliance Program is designed to help our employees to correctly apply laws and company guidelines while protecting them from violations. There are binding guidelines for all the focal points selected for the BOLLFILTER Compliance Programme (combatting corruption, antitrust law and diversity, equality and inclusion). Infringements in all mentioned areas will not be tolerated.
The roll-out of the compliance program took place through trainings and information events. Furthermore, the compliance guidelines are integrated into the onboarding process. The BOLLFILTER Compliance Program is accessible to all employees as well as customers and suppliers on the BOLLFILTER website.

In addition, all suppliers must comply with our Code of Conduct and proactively sign it


Another important element of the CMS is the electronic whistle system system. Its main objective is the detection of white-collar crime and corrupt acts and the associated protection of damage for the BOLLFILTER Group.
The whistleblower system enables a direct, worldwide and around the clock dialogue with the Compliance Officer in German and English through the Internet. This reporting process can be used by employees as well as customers and suppliers as well as other third parties. Find out more.

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