Iron ore Pelletizing: Fuel oil filtration

Pelletizing is the process through which iron ore fines are transformed into an agglomerated form called “iron ore pellets” suitable for use in an iron-making furnace at a steel mill, such as a blast furnace or electric arc furnace.

In its end product form, a typical iron ore pellet is roughly spherical in shape, measuring from 6 mm to 16 mm in diameter and having a crushing strength of over 200 Kg, although some variations in these typical parameters can be specified and targeted in the design process.


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Pelletizing plants

An iron ore pelletizing plant is typically comprised of a series of unit operations in a specific process sequence.
It can be divided into:

  • Feed preparation
  • Mixing (Iron ore + additives)
  • Balling (“green” pellets are produced)
  • Indurating (firing and hardening and producing the “fired pellets”)
  • Product handling (fired pellets may be screened for end user size requirements)

BOLLFILTER for fuel filtration

BOLLFILTERs can be installed to filter the various fuels used by the furnace during the induration phase:
Indurating is the process of taking the green pellets and hardening them through a high temperature furnace application. The fired pellets are hardened so that they can withstand transportation and handling per the end user requirement.


iron ore pelletizing

Your advantages

  • Space-saving design
  • Precise filtration rate
  • Risk reduction of burner failures
  • Save fuel cost, thanks to low backflush
  • Improved service life of the burner and injection system components
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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Wide range of purposes ▶ filtering diesel engine lubricants ✓ filtering fuels ✓ filtering coolants in machining plants and transfer lines ✓ Find out more!
BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.64
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