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Filtration solutions for part washers

Components of part washers

Parts cleaning is an important and critical part of the manufacturing process when making highly complex components. This is most critical in the metalworking, automotive, aerospace, medical technology, electrical and electronics industries. In addition to washing and cleaning the components, modern cleaning systems can also perform other tasks. Depending on the product to be cleaned these processes might be used for degreasing, stripping or even deburring. To fulfill these tasks, high-precision components are installed in the parts washer. Examples include: high pressure pumps, ultrasonic elements, valves, nozzles and heat exchangers.

Protection of the part washer components

The aqueous solutions, alkaline cleaners and other washing liquids are pumped in a circuit and sent several times through the built-in components of the system. To protect the system filtration is required.

BOLLFILTERs protect the components installed inside the system from damage and blockage and thus "protect your investment" in the process. In addition, the remaining parts of the system, such as linear guides, viewing windows, robot arms etc. are kept at a clean level by BOLLFILTERs and "keep your investment clean".

BOLLFILTER benefits:

  • Defined filtration quality
  • Increase in the life of the cleaning bath
  • Minimisation of operating costs
  • Reduction of maintenance costs with a simultaneous increase in productivity
  • Reduction in particle carryover
Example of 6.64
Nozzle protection and bath treatment

Automatic filters for part washers

Since the washers do their job automatically, BOLL & KIRCH offers suitable automatic filter technology. The self-cleaning filters automatically recognize when the degree of contamination brings the supply pumps into an uneconomical or ineffective area and independently perform the backwashing and thus regeneration of the filter. With BOLLFILTER type 6.64, the backwash energy is taken from a compressed air tank mounted on the filter, so that the supply pumps do not have to apply any additional energy for backwashing, unaffected by the backwash. At the same time, this means that the BOLLFILTER type 6.64 does its job even at low operating pressures.

In the case of smaller washers or low soiling, manually cleanable filters also perform their services with the same filter result but with manual effort for cleaning the built-in filter elements. These can be switchable double filters or simplex filters, for example BOLLFILTER Duplex 2.05.5 or BOLLFILTER Simplex 1.03.2.

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