Differential pressure indicator

Differential pressure gauges 4.36 and 4.46

The differential pressure indicators 4.36 and 4.46 from BOLL & KIRCH provides you with robust, compact devices which display the contamination state of the filter insert.
The difference in pressure between the entrance and exit of the filter serves as a measurable signal of how dirty the filter element has become. Once the maximum differential pressure is reached, it's time to clean the filter. The color of the visible disk segments shows just how contaminated it is: The red segment grows larger as contamination levels rise. When that segment turns completely red, it means that we have hit our limit for acceptable differential pressure.

How the BOLL pressure indicator works?

Inside the device, there's a part called a plunger that's kept still by a spring. When there's more dirt, the pressure inside the device changes. This makes the plunger move against the spring. The movement of the plunger makes a display turn and show more red parts. The device comes with a spring already installed to set the pressure.
The differential pressure indicators 4.36 and 4.46 have two switches that can be used separately as either regular switches or alarm triggers. When the pressure reaches 75% and 100% of the set threshold, the contacts of the switches are activated automatically."

Specifications of the differential pressure indicator

The housing of the differential pressure indicator is crafted from coated aluminum pressure casting and can withstand a maximum operating pressure of 100 bar. For type 4.46, the internal components are constructed from Cr-Ni steel, allowing the housing to endure operating pressures of up to 160 bar."
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