High-Pressure Cleaning Unit Type 5.04

The High-Pressure Cleaning Unit Type 5.04 allows you to keep the sieve mesh of your filter elements clean and in optimal condition to ensure uninterrupted functionality and prevent downtime of your machine or system.

Enhance filter maintenance with our high-pressure cleaning device Type 5.04

Versatile and efficient, our high-pressure cleaning device Type 5.04 is designed for cleaning individual filter elements, complete filter inserts, and other components with ease. With adjustable pressure settings, it provides the flexibility to tackle various levels of contamination while maintaining the integrity of your filter elements. Trust in our high-quality cleaning solutions to keep your filters in top condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity for your operations.

Two sizes and two types of lances for more flexibility

To cover the wide range of BOLLFILTER elements, there are two sizes available. Both sizes are delivered with two different, replaceable cleaning lances. They are fastened to the cleaning gun by means of a quick-lock coupling:

The Cleaning lance type 5.02, with the flat jet nozzle, is suitable for most applications (e.g. star-pleated elements, basket elements and ring filter elements).

The Cleaning lance type 5.01, with the rotary nozzle. is particularly suitable for cleaning the inside of screw-in and plug-in candles (in case of extreme contamination, e.g. fuel and oil filters).

How to take care of the High-Pressure Cleaning Unit Type 5.04

To enhance the cleaning process and achieve exceptional results, we suggest using our BOLL CLEAN 2000 Cleaning Fluid. This powerful yet environmentally friendly solution is the perfect complement to the High-Pressure Cleaning Unit Type 5.04. It ensures thorough cleaning and optimal performance of your filter elements. The cleaning fluid is constantly recycled and being cleaned by a micro-filter on the pressure side of the pump. It is used again and again over a long period of time, resulting in cost savings due to the low consumption of cleaning fluid.


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