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Filtration of feed water and cooling water in power plants

Reference in feed water filtration

Heating Plant

The power plant Reuter, located in Berlin district Siemensstadt, covers its water demand with water from the river Spree. This river water is subject to enormous seasonal fluctuations, causing extraordinarily high pollution with suspended matters, organic compounds and micro organisms. The resulting fouling, settlement of algae, bacteria or mussels (in this case, the Dreissena polymorpha, called “zebra mussel”), leads to serious malfunctions, increased pressure losses, reduction of heat transfer and clogging of nozzles, valves and cooling channels.

The BOLLFILTER Automatic, in combination with a special coated element preventing the silting up of this element, allows the destruction of the zebra mussel.  

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant

Eggborough Power Station, a FGD (Flue Gas Desulphurisation) plant, has been installed to significantly reduce sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions and ensure that the National Air Quality Standards are met. 

The water used in the water system must be filtered to 100 microns in order to prevent blockages in various spray nozzles within the FGD plant. This is the role of the BOLLFILTER Automatic.

Reference in cooling water

Marchwood Power Station is a modern CCGT (combined cycle gas turbine) Power Station using raw water on-site as general wash water, including for the removal of debris, such as seaweed, from the condenser bandscreens. 

BOLLFILTERs Automatic Type 6.18.2 heavy duty were fitted and provided constant filtration to 500 microns, plus the original duplex filters as standby. Each automatic filter has a 3mm rubber lining and special profile filter elements with hydrodynamic backflush boost to further prevent build-up of organic matter.

The BOLLFILTERS have been brilliant by significantly cutting downtime and maintenance on-site.

Steam Turbine in a Power Plant
FGD Power Plant equipped with BOLLFILTER
Eggborough Power Station »

Eggborough Power Station uses BOLLFILTER heavy duty protection for its FGD system.

Marchwood Power Plant equipped with BOLLFILTER
Marchwood CCGT Power Station »

Marchwood Power Station trusts BOLLFILTER for the automatic filtration of its cooling water and washwater.

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