Particle / coalescence elements

The high-quality, extremely durable particle and coalescence elements inside the coalescer filter are used to separate liquids and gases. The coalescing element consists of various filter media that serve to eliminate impurities before they can enter the system and potentially cause damage. 
The particles are filtered through a multi-layered micro-glass fibre fleece within the elements. This allows particles with a size of up to > 0.1 µm to be filtered out of the medium. 

BOLLFILTERs with coalescing elements are used in the following industries:  

  •    Oil and gas production
  •    Chemical and petrochemical plants 
  •    Food processing 

Advantages of coalescence elements: 

  • Effective filtration: Coalescence elements provide an efficient method of removing fine droplets from liquids, resulting in higher purity of end products. 
  • Robust construction: BOLLFILTER is known for its high quality and durable products. The coalescing elements are made from hard-wearing materials and are designed to withstand the demanding conditions in various industrial environments. 
  • Adaptability: BOLLFILTER offers a variety of coalescer elements that can be customised to meet customers' specific requirements and applications. This enables a customised solution for a variety of filtration tasks. 

At the end of their service life, the elements must be replaced and cannot be cleaned. It should be noted that only the use of original BOLLFILTER spare parts can guarantee continuous, consistent filtration quality. 

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Technical data

Simplex filter typesBFB-P / C
Duplex filter typesBFD-P / C
Automatic filter types
Filtration grades from/to> 0,1 µm
Filter mediamulti-layered microfibre glass
Magnetic insertoptional
Flow direction[ ► ◄ ]
Cleaning / replacementdisposable