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Pre-filtration of ballast water management systems

The fully automated filtration solutions by BOLL & KIRCH are one of the key elements in ballast water management systems used on a wide range of deep sea vessels.

Ballast water filtration

Using a BOLLFILTER as a pre-filter ensures trouble-free functioning of these sensitive, multi-stage systems. This filter removes organic particles and sediments from ballast water up to a particle size of 20 μm with great efficiency.

Thanks to its innovative design and optimised functionality, the BOLLFILTER guarantees the necessary filtration quality even at the highest of flow rates. The compact automatic filters are embedded in the system between the coarse filters and the chemical or physical disinfection unit.

Your Benefits:

  • Fine filtration down to 20 µm
  • Optimum customisation options for retrofits
  • BOLLFILTER help to protect the ecosystem and biodiversity


Preview Image: SunRui

SunRui »

SunRui relies on BOLLFILTER for the protection of the Balclor® Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) on MV “STELLA IVY


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