Protection of Ballast Water Treatment Unit

MV Stella

MV “STELLA IVY” is a 250,000 DWT ore carrier equipped with the Balclor® Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) from the company SunRui Marine Environment Engineering Co, Ltd.

This BWT equipment, which has passed the AMS approval certificate of USGC control, consists of:

  • BOLLFILTER Automatic which removes marine organisms.
  • Electrolytic unit which disinfects the ballast water.
  • Neutralizer which reduces the total residual oxidants (TRO) in the ballast water to below 0.1 ppm.

BOLLFILTER as pre-filter for the SunRui BWT system

  • The outstanding quality was the main argument for purchasing BOLLFILTERs.
  • The worldwide technical support offered by BOLL & KIRCH was another important factor for SunRui for choosing our BWT filters.
  • SunRui relies on our 40 years operational experience and has showed its trust in BOLLFILTER by ordering additional automatic filters for 6 sister vessels built in Qingdao Beihai Shipyard. 

Clients / Users
  • SunRui Marine Environment Engineering Co., Ltd