Vertical farming water filtration systems


Vertical farming uses indoor farming techniques and controlled environement agriculture (CEA) technology to achieve energy efficient structures. The controlled use of environmental factors like light, temperature, fertigation and water play a major role in this.

The recirculated water used in vertical farming must first be filtered in order to remove solids that could damage the ultrafiltration membrane or block the sprinkler noozles and thus reduce the operational efficiency of the indoor irrigation system.

Vertical farming automatic filters 

For all types of vertical farmings like hydroponic or aeroponic growing systems, the fertigation filters manage the pre-cleaning of your irrigation water and nutrient solution.

The vertical farming automatic-filters from BOLL feature a self-cleaning system able to guarantee flawless operation for:

  • A specific degree of filtration between 20 and 150 µm
  • High amounts of suspended solids, such as sands, algae, molluscs, etc.
  • Water lines  >  30 gallons a minute (0,1m3/min)


Your benefits

Protection of irrigation system

Protection of irrigation system


Protection of:

  • Ultrafiltration membrane
  • Irrigation nozzles

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

  • Low maintenance irrigation automatic filter
  • Low energy consumption filter - saving electricity
  • Reduced waste by eliminating disposable cartridges 

Increased water quality

Increased water quality

  • Reduction of pathogen in closed loop growing systems
  • Reliable irrigation from the pumped water to the crop


Individual platform concept ✓ Minimal operating costs ✓ Adaptive filtration configurations ✓ Multi-part housing construction ✓ Various housing materials ▶ Find out more!

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