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Water filtration in irrigation systems

Water filtration is an important part of any irrigation system. The water used in these systems must be filtered to remove any solids that could block the sprinklers and reduce the efficiency of the system.

The filters used must be able to:

  • Precisely filter the water to be treated.
  • Reliably operate without any faults in the entire system.
  • Minimize maintenance and have a long service life.
  • Self-clean in order to guarantee flawless operation in installations with high amounts of suspended solids, such as sands, algae, molluscs, etc.

Protection of emitters in irrigation systems

Modern agriculture has a tendency to use large amounts of land, changing the demand for filter systems. As a result, new equipment with high filtration capacity is required to reduce investment, maintenance, and operating costs. Depending on the installation, different degrees of filtration can be used.

The aquaBoll® guarantees water flow from collection to the emitters and protects irrigation systems against blockages.

Your Benefits
  • BOLLFILTERs increase the durability of the irrigation system and thus protects the environment
  • BOLLFILTERs keep irrigation systems free of contaminants and blockages that would otherwise affect performance and efficiency
Irrigation of spinach using BOLLFILTER for the raw water filtration
Vitacress Kent »

Vitacress trusts BOLLFILTER to provide high quality water filtration for crop irrigation of baby spinach

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