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Filter for tunnel pasteuriser in the beverage industry

In the beverage industry short time heaters in the form of tunnel pasteurisers are used in order to preserve the drinks. It is a thermal treatment without the use of chemicals, which leads to a reliable reduction of micro-organisms and inactivation of enzymes and thus a longer durability of the drinks. The freshly bottled beers, beer-based drinks, non-alcoholic beverages such as soft drinks, juices, energy drinks or iced tea in glass, PET bottles or cans, go through multiple temperature zones, with increasing heat. Thereby, the beverage labels are actively sprinkled with hot water and heated until the pasteurisation temperature is reached. Afterwards a re-cooling takes place.

BOLLFILTER for continuous filtration and water disinfection

Product safety and economical use of resources are the most important criteria for bottlers, such as breweries, mineral water companies or soft drink producers.
The BOLLFILTER automatic 6.03 AOT filters the water and kills microorganisms without chemical additives by means of its candle element and chemical disinfection by means of photo catalysis. Whether for single-deck or double-deck machines, the filter is connected in side stream to disinfect the water continuously and reduces the chemical consumption. Furthermore, the filter removes particles > 100 µm which also helps to keep the pasteurizer cleaner.

Waste discharge: Fine particles >100 µm are reliably  eliminated by the filter.

Disinfection of water: The disinfection of the water can, under certain conditions, take place chemical free. 

Your benefits:

  • Space-saving 2 in 1 solution (on request without photocatalytic disinfection)
  • Environmentally friendly process
  • Improved hygiene and microbiological safety for the product treatment
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Conservation of resources
Filtration for pasteurisers
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Filtration specialist for the beverage industry ▶ 6.64 BWM/6.60 BWM caustic soda solution filter ✓ 6.18 BWM spray nozzle protection ✓ 6.03 AOT disinfection/filtration
Filtration Solutions for Bottle Washing Machines
Innovative combined solution for water treatment ▶ Filtration powered by Vortex flow and pressure assisted automatic backflushing ▶ Chemical free disinfection using UV light
BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.03 AOT
Individual platform concept ✓ Minimal operating costs ✓ Adaptive filtration configurations ✓ Multi-part housing construction ✓ Various housing materials ▶ Find out more!
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