Flexible filtration solutions for demanding clarification processes

he treatment of wastewater in sewage treatment plants is a comprehensive process for the removal of pollutants from suspended solid non-potable water, which mainly comes from municipal areas. Mechanical, chemical and biological processes for the production of environmentally friendly and purified process water play an important role in maintaining water resources.The BOLLFILTER serves as a key component in systems in mechanical treatment for the effluent water for particle removal, so that, for example, the COD value for return to open waters can be maintained. The additionally produced process water is reused for various applications within the wastewater treatment plant.

In order to ensure fail-safe treatment of the respective waste water throughout the entire process, exact filtration results and long service life of the filtration solutions have top priority. Increasingly, municipal wastewater is being reused together with industrial wastewater in large wastewater treatment plants in order to achieve economically viable operating costs. The operation of such larger, combined systems does not only mean reduced relative operating costs, but also increased demands on the filtration solutions used.

Waste water treatment for process use or recirculation

Self-cleaning strainers from BOLL & KIRCH are specially designed for the complex challenges in wastewater treatment plants of different capcities. The comprehensive customisation of the compo-nents used and high-quality overall components enable application solutions that lead to optimised plant operation in every configuration. Different fine filter elements can be implemented according to the desired rate of filtration. The proven antibacterial FouleX® coating reduces the adhesion of biomass particles to the elements. This ensures that the entire wastewater treatment process is maintained and efficient at all times.

Your benefits:

  • Extension of the plant service life
  • Increased overall plant efficiency
  • Reduce operating costs while increasing productivity



Thames Water’s Sewage Treatment Works in Beckton, East London is the biggest in the UK and one of the largest in Europe, serving 3.4 million people throughout London.
The Works, which is undergoing a major expansion programme, features the latest sludge treatment technology, including a sludge powered generator for energy efficient waste disposal.

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