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Water filtration and UV Protection

BOLLFILTER installed at the Anglian Water recycling Centre WRC

Water Recycling Centre in Northampton UK

The Great Billing Advanced Digestion plant is the largest plant of its type in the UK, treating up to 38,500 TDS/year of sludge. 
Most sludge produced across the Anglian Water sewage treatment works is specially processed to produce enhanced quality sludge cake, which is sold for agricultural usage. Also, there is a CHP power generation plant at the Great Billing WRC complex.

UV protection system 

The UV protection section of this system is for removal of harmful organisms from the Final Effluent Water. The BOLLFILTERS are here to enable the removal of coarse particles from the Final Effluent to protect the pumps. The water is filtered to 50-micron to protect the downstream water systems. The BOLLFILTERS prevent blockage of the systems to ensure the required flow is maintained, resulting in efficient production of recycled water that can be released back into the environment safely. The BOLLFILTERS are fully automated, robust units that backflush the accumulated debris to waste, controlled by timers with DP override.

Water quality improvement

The water quality has been consistently high since the filters were commissioned and due to the performance of the BOLLFILTERS, contamination in the system is kept to a minimum and ensures smooth operation. Installing BOLLFILTERS for solids removal will extend the lifetime of a typical Final Effluent UV Protection System. The BOLLFILTERS will operate for many years with minimal maintenance apart from advised annual services.

Anglian Water´s testimonial

“We have been delighted with the work BOLLFILTER have completed for us. Their annual servicing of the filters on site have helped us to monitor and maintain the assets health more closely. Our most recent visit from BOLLFILTER at our Great Billing site saw a service engineer going as so far as to re-paint both of our units to rectify some minor surface rust that had occurred naturally. We look forward to continuing our successful relationship with them going forward.”

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  • BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18