Fuel Gas filtration solution

Protection of gas turbines

A gas turbine, or combustion turbine, is a type of continuous internal combustion engine. It is used in a variety of different applications, sharing the same operating principle of converting the burning of a fuel source to mechanical energy. The gas turbine serves as the driver for compressors in the Oil and Gas industry, and for generators in different power generation applications. 
To ensure optimal reliability & uptime of the turbine, the application of fuel gas filters is critical to protect the blades and injector system of the engine. Insufficient filtration may result in catastrophic failure.

Fuel gas filters

BOLLFILTER fuel gas filters, separators and conditioning skids provide clean fuel gas by removing dirt and moisture from the gas supplied to the turbine.

Particles and aerosols are removed with an efficiency of up to 99,99% down to particle and droplet sizes of less than 3µm and concentrations of less than 0,1 ppm.

The specific gas turbine application, and power output requirements will determine the type of fuel supply system that is employed, & consequently the type of filtration solution that is required.

Your benefits

International standards
International standards

Compliance with all international & national standards (e.g. ASME Standards, AD2000, EAC, DOSH, PED, API 614, API 692, NACE, etc.).

In-house testing
In-house testing

Extensive in-house testing equipment to continuously develop and improve the performance of our products.

Productivity of equipment
Productivity of equipment

Ensuring high availability and productivity of equipment by reducing downtime due to maintenance.


Protection of expensive, process critical equipment for the Oil & Gas, chemical and power generation industry for low, mid and high-pressure applications.

For each type of gas, volume of gas, required degree of purity, type of plant & all operating conditions, BOLLFILTER offers a perfect gas filter ▶ Read more!
Industrial Gas Filtration
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