Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit Type 5.05

Ultrasonic cleaning is the most up-to-date cleaning method available today for contaminated filter elements with sieve meshes. We offer the BOLL Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit TYPE 5.05 for this purpose. 

How does the BOLL Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit TYPE 5.05 work?

Cleaning with this cleaning device is uncomplicated and requires little effort: Hang in, activate, ready! One simply places the filter elements in the cleaning basket and activates the unit. Two different frequencies are available, one for a primary cleaning (25 kHz) and one for a gentle fine cleaning (45 kHz). A programmable sweep function uses permanent acoustic modulation to ensure even distribution of energy. 

Thanks to its design and functionality, the BOLL Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit TYPE 5.05 can be used under various operating conditions. It is easy to maintain and durable even under intensive use thanks to its robust stainless-steel structure. The stable attachment on board is guaranteed even in rough seas. The sloped tank bottom allows the used liquid to be emptied quickly and completely.

Regular cleaning of the filter elements extends their service life and reduces the consumption of spare parts. Our recommended cleaner, the BOLL CLEAN 2000 Cleaning Fluid, is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Our unit complies with applicable guidelines and standards. It provides reliable performance for your cleaning requirements.

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