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Water filtration in snow making process

Production of technical snow

The production of so-called "technical snow" guarantees snow slopes at insufficient existing natural snow.

For the snow-making, water is pumped from lakes, streams, ponds, or reservoirs with high pressure to the ski slopes. The water needed is filtered by the aquaBoll®. This way the filter protects either the propeller snow guns or the snow lances. The BOLLFILTER automatic filters the pumped off water and removes particles with a size up to 200 µm.

BOLLFILTER to protect pumps, UV systems and nozzles of snow guns and snow lances:

At the heart of each individual snow-making system, the pump station has to work no matter what and regardless of outside conditions. The water supply has to be guaranteed either way.

For one cubic meter of artificially produced snow, up to 0.5 cubic meters of water are required. Depending on the season and weather conditions, water taken from impounding reservoirs or reservoirs often is full of fir, spruce and larch needles, leaves, sand and floating trash. This makes the filtration task extremely challenging.

The global market leader for snow-making systems, relies exclusively on BOLLFILTER. In the pump station, our BOLLFILTER automatics are the first to ensure and, hence, as one of the most important snow-making components in the system, the uninterrupted operation of high-pressure pumps,UV sterilization systems, and snow guns.

These are located far away from the pump station on the ski slopes and are supplied with the clean, filtered high-pressure water via a system of shafts, pipes, and hydrant systems that extends for miles. Snow is created by the fan-driven snow machines (“snow cannons”) or snow lances.

Furthermore, the BOLLFILTER protects the nozzles of the snow gun and the lance head area of the snow lances from blockage. The nozzles of snow lances and fan guns can get backlogged very fast if the purity level of the water is not maintained. And so BOLLFILTER reliably ensures the entire snow production process, from the water extraction from the impounding reservoir, to the actual “snow making” on the ski slope.

Snow lances

Snow lances are installed permanently and operated on steep and hard-to-reach slopes.

In addition to water, the lances are supplied with compressed air from a central compressor station. When the water comes out of the water nozzle, it is atomized. Air is blown into the atomized water. When it comes out of the air nozzle, the compressed air expands and cools. Snow lances are roughly 10m high so that there is enough time for the precipitation from the nozzles to form snow crystals before hitting the ground.

Snow guns

Snow guns produce more snow than snow lances, are mobile, and are transported with helicopters or snow groomers to the connecting point of the ski slope.

Snow guns are fan-driven snow machines and produce the compressed air with their own compressor. That is why they are supplied with high pressure water by the hydrants and also with electricity. The water and the air are mixed in this system in the so-called nucleator nozzles. When the mixture comes out of the nozzle it expands and cools down, which results in the formation of ice nuclei. Around the nucleator nozzle the water is atomized in a water nozzle ring so that snow crystals are able to form around the ice nuclei. A fan drives the mixture upward so that there is enough time for the formation of snow crystals and for the snow to be blown to the desired location.

Your Benefits:

  • Increased efficiency and protection of the nozzles of the snow guns
  • Protection of the high pressure pumps
  • Protection of the UV-systems
  • Service life extension of the components
Preview Image: Okuibuki snow resort
Okuibuki snow resort »

To filter the necessary river water, the Okuibuki snow resort in Japan trusts BOLLFILTER for the protection of pumps and snow cannons.

Preview Image: TechnoAlpin
TechnoAlpin »

TechnoAlpin, our long-standing partner, trusts BOLLFILTER for its  manual and fully automated snowmaking system.



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