Okuibuki snow resort

Protection of pumps and nozzles of snow guns

Ski slopes at Okuibuki, Japan

Sock filters

The pump station feeds the snow guns, which comprises of a water tank, pumps and sock filters.  
To filter the necessary river water, the customer used 21 single use pairs of sock filters. The replacement of the socks, which had to take place several times a week, was a complicated and burdensome manual process. Moreover, there was no automated clogging control system, which had a negative impact on the functionality of the snow cannons.

Filtration solution for the snow making process

The sock filters were replaced by one single self-cleaning BOLLFILTER aquaBoll® equipped with candle elements offering a 100 µm grade of filtration. 
From that date onwards, the filtration process has been fully automated. The filter candel elements are backflushed automatically and do not need to be changed. The maintenance required of the filtration process has been considerably reduced.

Advantages of automatic filtration

By using the BOLLFILTER automatic aquaBoll®, the Okuibuki Snow Resort gains the following advantages:

  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Energy savings (due to a lower differential pressure, the amount of energy needed for operating the pumps is lower)
  • The failure rate of the snow cannons has been reduced
  • The snow quality has been improved

Clients / Users
  • Okuibuki Snow Resort
Systems in use
  • BOLLFILTER aquaBoll® size 419 DN200