BOLLFILTER Ring filter element

The BOLLFILTER ring filter element offers a solution for the efficient filtration of solid particles from the filtered medium in a variety of industrial applications. They enable effective removal of particles from liquids. 

Enhanced filtration performance of ring strainers

Compared to conventional basket filters, ring filters have an additional inner filter cylinder that increases the filter surface by approx. 30 %. This significantly increases the filtration capacity, which enables efficient particle separation. The dirt filtered out collects in the screen insert, which can be easily removed during manual cleaning. This maintenance-friendly feature helps to maintain optimum filter performance and minimizes downtime. These versatile elements can be used in both single filters and double filters. Ring strainers are available in various gauges to suit different requirements and applications.


  • High filtration efficiency
  • Robust design for reliable operation under demanding conditions
  • Minimized operating costs due to low maintenance and long service life
  • Contributes to ensuring product quality and protecting system components from wear and damage caused by particle deposits

We would also like to point out that consistent and constant filtration quality can only be ensured if original BOLLFILTER filter elements are used.

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Technical data

Simplex filter types1.03.2, 1.65.1/1.53.1
Duplex filter types2.05.5
Automatic filter types
Filtration grades from/to70 µm - 2 mm
Filter mediastainless steel wire mesh
Magnetic insertoptional
Flow direction[ ◄ ► ]
Cleaning / replacementmanual cleaning