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Ballast Water Filter

Ballast water filter for ballast water treatment

Without ballast water, modern freight shipping is inconceivable. Each year, between ten and twelve billion tons of ballast water are transported by ocean going vessels. However, it presents an enormous environmental problem all over the world. 

Environmental challenge

Ballast water is taken on board in the port of origin to stabilize a ship and will be discharged in the port of destination. The ballast water does include organisms like bacteria, plankton, viruses, small fish, crabs or jellyfish which are then brought to new habitats and where they can overtake the existing ecological systems and sustainably change the due to the new types. This is why the treatment of ballast water is legally required. 

This is how the filtration works

For the Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) on large vessels, there are numerous solutions available. To protect these multi-stage ballast water treatment systems, the majority of the systems require automatic pre-filtration of the sea water taken on board. Therefore, a fine filter is installed between a coarse separator and the chemical or physical disinfection units. The filters task is to remove living organisms, as well as sediment from the ballast water.

Requirements: Ballast water filter have to….

  • precise degree of separation required
  • eliminate blockages of the filter mesh, despite high load of the ballast water
  • be easy to install, retrofit, operate and maintain,
  • combine the required filtration efficiency with high flow rates and long intervals between back flush cycles,
  • filter material needs to be seawater resistant,
  • have a low footprint and keeping the operating costs of the system as low as possible

The BOLLFILTER Automatic Filter Type 6.18.3, for automatic pre-filtration of sea water, presents an inexpensive top technology for new construction, retrofitting as well as solid protection for ballast-water treatment systems.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter, Backwashable Strainer

Ballast Water Filter BOLLFILTER Automatic Self-Clean Type 6.18.3, online backwashing »

Ballast Water Filter BOLLFILTER Automatic Self-Clean Type 6.18.3, online backwashing
Flange Connection
DN 200 - DN 900 / 20" - 36"
Automatic self-cleaning pre-filtration of sea-water, for the protection of ballast water treatment systems
Filter element
Cylindrical candles open at both ends; mesh made of super duplex (1.4410)

Ballast Water Filter aquaBoll® with adaptive filter elements »

Ballast Water Filter aquaBoll® with adaptive filter elements
Flange Connection
DN 50 to DN 400 / 2" to 16"
Filter element
Fine sieve cylinder element, Filter candle element
Grade of filtration
10 µm - 5 mm