BOLLFILTER Duplex Type 2.05.5

Double filter with spheroidal graphite cast iron housing and plug switchover for large volume flows
Flange Connection
DN 100 to DN 250
Plug changeover valve
Filter element
Basket strainer
Candle insert
Grade of filtration
10 µm to 5 mm
Pressure stage
PN 10
Filter housing
Spheroidal graphite cast iron
Optional equipment
Differential pressure indicator
Version: optical or optical/electrical
BOLL epoxy coating
Rubber coating for basket strainer
Nickel-plated housing
Design code
BOLLFILTER Duplex Type 2.05.5

Reliable filtration with the BOLLFILTER Duplex type 2.05.5

The BOLLFILTER type 2.05.5 is a high-quality spheroidal graphite cast iron filter that has been specially developed for large volume flows. The integrated plug switch enables continuous operation of the filter. For cleaning purposes, the medium can be directed into the clean chamber and the process can continue unhindered.

Thanks to the robust nodular cast iron housing, this filter offers high resistance to corrosion and wear. This makes it ideal for demanding applications in various branches of industry such as the water, chemical and oil industries.

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