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Fine Filtration for Bottle Washing Caustic

Fine Filtration for Bottle Washing Caustic

Contamination of the main caustic significantly and sustainably reduced

The BOLL FFU BWM cross flow microfiltration consists of one membrane module for 12 tubular ceramic membranes designed for fully automated operation mode. The unit is installed behind a BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.64. It filters in a partial stream the caustic out of the main caustic bath and supplies a spray bar, cleaning the outer surface of the bottles which are on the way to the post treatment units, with clean filtered main caustic.

Advantages and added value for the customer

  • Contamination level in the caustic was substantially reduced
  • The turbidity of the main caustic already decreased tremendously by more than 80 % within the first 72 hours - middle to long term by almost 90 % constantly
  • Carry-over of dirt freight to the post treatment segments of the bottle washing machine is also constantly reduced by over 80 % 
  • Constantly higher caustic quality with a significantly increased cleaning efficiency and a more reliable process security in general

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