Big Creek Water Works

Hydro Power plant

Water source for bearing at Big Creek Hydro Power Plant

Big Creek Water Works

Big Creek Water Works is an independent hydro turbine built in the 1980s. After over 30 years of service the original axial bearings were replaced with wooden bearings. Clean bearing seal water is needed for the new bearings and the client initially installed a manual filter. This system was expensive and time consuming requiring regular cartridge changes.

Automatic filter for hydro power

The BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.04 was chosen to replace the cartridge filters. It was easily installed and reliably filters the water used to power the turbine in a self-cleaning process. The power plant is very remote which makes reliability critical. For this reason, the client chose to install a second BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.04 in parallel to secure continuous operation.

Added value for the customer

After one year of successful operation, the following advantages have been identified:

  • No human intervention required
  • Reduced personnel costs
  • Reduced maintenance – 50 hours per year
  • Finer Filtration (80µm)
  • Leaner water which prolongs the life of the main bearings
  • Avoiding costly repairs of bearings

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