Cooling filtration

Cooling filtration cuts downtine at Thamesteel Steel Rolling

Thamesteel is a specialist manufacturer of steel products mainly derived from recycled scrap metal, producing some half a million tonnes of steel per year from its rolling mill in Sheerness.

The mill, which features 16 rolling stands, uses continuous cooling water to keep the bar at the correct temperature and prevent roll breakages.

The original cooling system at Thamesteel relied on gravity to remove contaminants and mill scale. However, this was proving ineffective and regular blockages in the coolant nozzles were causing overheating, roll breakages and interruptions in production - resulting in significant inconvenience and costs. Local filters were installed at each rolling stand, but there were still problems with high maintenance and downtime through blockages.

After looking at a number of filtration options and following the successful installation of a BOLLFILTER Automatic on the casting line, it was decided to fit a similar system to the cooling water at the roll mill.

The system incorporates a pre-screening basket strainer linked to the Self-Cleaning BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18, with all functions controlled by a microprocessor control panel. Operating at 1363m3/hr (at a maximum 16 bar) with a filtration level of 500 microns, the unit provides a total filtration area of 57320 cm2 by means of 40 high precision slot screen elements.

The system has proved a success. Central Maintenance Manager Tony Phillips explains. “We don’t get as manyblockages on the line, which reduces roll breakages anddowntime. In fact, the complete installation has had a paybackof just 6 months”

Clients / Users
  • Numerous steel producers
  • Thamesteel
Systems in use
  • BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18