BOLLFILTER Simplex Type BFB-P: Particle gas filter

Flange Connection
1"-6" / DN 25 - DN 150
Connections inline
Filter element
- cleanable star-pleated filter element made of stainless steel
Grade of filtration
0,5 - 250 µm
Pressure stage
<500 bar (size and temperature dependent)
Filter housing
carbon steel
stainless steel
Optional equipment
- differential pressure indicator optical or electrical
- flanged drain and vent
- valved drain and vent
- Cover lifting device (from cover weight 15 kg)
- Optional drain and vent with flanges, shut-off valves, NPT (more on request)
- Cover lifting device (from 15 kg)
BFB-P filter design must comply with national and international standards
BOLLFILTER Simplex Type BFB-P: Particle gas filter
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