Gas filter
Flange Connection
1"-6" / DN 25 - DN 150
Connections inline
Filter element
- Cleanable star-pleated filter element made of stainless steel
Grade of filtration
0,5 - 250 µm
Pressure stage
<500 bar (size and temperature dependent)
Filter housing
- Carbon steel
- Stainless steel
- Non-welded
Optional equipment
- Differential pressure indicator optical or electrical
- Flanged drain and vent
- Valved drain and vent
- Cover lifting device (from cover weight 15 kg)
- Optional drain and vent with flanges, shut-off valves, NPT (more on request)
- Cover lifting device (from 15 kg)
BFB-P filter design must comply with national and international standards.

Simplex gas filtration

The BOLLFILTER Simplex Type BFB-P M gas filter is a type of filtration system designed specifically for gas applications.  It removes solid particles and contaminants from gas streams, ensuring the purity and quality of the gas.

Here are some key points about this filter:

Simplex Design: The "Simplex" designation indicates that this filter operates using a single filtration chamber, as opposed to duplex filters that have two chambers for continuous operation during maintenance.

Particle Filtration: This filter is particularly effective at capturing solid particles of varying sizes, helping to protect downstream equipment and processes from damage or contamination.

Customizable Options: Depending on the specific application and requirements, the BFB-P M gas filter can be customized with various filtration media and configurations to achieve optimal performance.

High-Quality Construction: BOLLFILTER is known for producing robust and high-quality filtration systems. The BFB-P M filter is likely constructed using durable materials to withstand the demands of industrial gas filtration applications.

Maintenance: Like any filtration system, periodic maintenance is required to ensure optimal performance. The Simplex design of this filter allows for relatively easy maintenance procedures when compared to more complex filtration systems.

Overall, the BOLLFILTER Simplex Type BFB-P M filter offers an efficient and reliable solution for gas filtration applications, helping to maintain the purity and integrity of gas streams in various industrial processes.

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