engineBoll Automatic filter

For lube oil and fuel oil filtration
Flange Connection
DN 50 to DN 300
Filter element
Grade of filtration
1µm - 50µm
Pressure stage
PN10 /16
Filter housing
Nodular cast iron
Operating temperature
max. 150°C
Optional equipment
By-pass filter with switch-over,
flushing liquid treatment unit

E-motor or turbine
engineBoll Automatic filter

EngineBoll Operating Principle

Discover how the engineBoll's groundbreaking power backflush technology guarantees top-tier filtration performance, even in the most challenging conditions.

Filtration: Seamless Capture of Particles

Medium Flow: The filtration process begins as the medium enters through the inlet and travels through the filter element, heading towards the outlet.
Particle Retention: Within the filter, particles are expertly captured, accumulating on the interior of the filter.

Backflush: Pioneering Cleaning Process

Backflush Mechanism: The engineBoll introduces an innovative backflushing arm that traverses the inner surface of the filter element.
Efficient Backflushing: Driven by a pressure differential, this arm initiates a reverse flow of the medium through the filter, effectively flushing away accumulated dirt particles using the backwash arm.
Optimal Cleaning Results: The proximity of the backflushing arm to the filter surface guarantees the best cleaning results, ensuring the filter element is always prepared for extended service.

Overpressure: Ensuring Continuity

Critical Differential Pressure: In situations where the filter's function is compromised due to heavy contamination and the differential pressure reaches a critical level, the overpressure valve steps in.
Overflow Valve Function: The overflow valve opens, creating an alternative route for the medium, guaranteeing that the system maintains its efficiency.

Double Protection: Reliability in Exceptional Circumstances

Filter Redundancy: When the overflow valve is active, the medium is rerouted through a separate filter system before being directed to the outlet.
Uninterrupted Filtration: This ingenious design ensures that the filtration function remains uninterrupted even during unusual or extraordinary scenarios, delivering double protection.

By incorporating these innovative elements, the engineBoll filter not only maintains consistent filtration but also provides reliability, even when faced with heavy contamination or demanding conditions.

engineBoll® benefits

The engineBoll®  is the latest automatic filter generation for lube oil and fuel oil with following significant improvements over conventional automatic filters:

  • Strong power backflushing and thus more effective cleaning of the new filter element structure
  • Highest flow rates and highest filtration grades at smallest filter size
  • Improved overflow valve technology
  • Halving the number of components and thus easier maintenance
  • Weight reduction 

In combination with a control system, the engineBoll®  is ready for additional sensors to monitor your process technology.


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