engineBoll: Automatic filter for lube oil and fuel oil filtration

Flange Connection
DN 50 to DN 300
Filter element
Grade of filtration
1µm - 50µm
Pressure stage
PN10 /16
Filter housing
Nodular cast iron
Operating temperature
max. 150°C
Optional equipment
By-pass filter with switch-over,
flushing liquid treatment unit

E-motor or turbine
engineBoll: Automatic filter for lube oil and fuel oil filtration

Tailor-made automatic filter

The tailor-made engineBoll® is the perfect example of agile product development in action. Agile product development is an interactive process that emphasizes direct collaboration with our customers. Throughout the process, we work together to identify and understand the requirements, develop prototypes, test them with real users, refine and improve the product based on user feedback and continuously monitor its performance.

By using this methodology, the final tailor-made filter can be created in shorter time frames than traditional methods while still providing a high quality product that meets all of the customer's expectations.

engineBoll® benefits

The engineBoll®  is the latest automatic filter generation for lube oil and fuel oil with following significant improvements over conventional automatic filters:

  • Strong power backflushing and thus more effective cleaning of the new filter element structure
  • Highest flow rates and highest filtration grades at smallest filter size
  • Improved overflow valve technology
  • Halving the number of components and thus easier maintenance
  • Weight reduction 

In combination with a control system, the engineBoll®  is ready for additional sensors to monitor your process technology.


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