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Passion, Tradition and Expertise: BOLL & KIRCH

BOLL & KIRCH's core values revolve around passion, tradition and expertise

We place great importance on upholding corporate responsibility. This includes taking proactive measures for environmental sustainability and actively participating in social responsibility endeavors. Moreover, the company has implemented policies to guarantee adherence to applicable laws and regulations while maintaining high ethical standards.

Quality you can trust on

At BOLL & KIRCH, we are committed to implementing resilient quality management systems that guarantee our filters adhere to stringent quality benchmarks. This involves obtaining ISO certifications, which further validate the excellence of our products.
BOLL & KIRCH has a R&D department dedicated to innovation and product development. Our R&D efforts focus on improving filtration efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and developing new materials or technologies to stay competitive in the market.

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At 24 locations worldwide, we believe that our success lies in our people. At 70 Years of Experience, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in various sectors. Our team of 1000 skilled professionals is committed to delivering excellence in everything we do. From our sales representatives who ensure seamless communication with clients, to our experienced project managers who oversee successful implementations, each member plays a crucial role in our collective achievements.