Protection of Onboard Regas Heat Exchanger

Nusantara FSRU equipped with BOLLFILTER

Nusantara Regas FSRUs

Seawater-heated regas systems that use propane as intermediate medium have been supplied by Wärtsilä Oil & Gas Systems for two Golar LNG vessels.

Each FSRU is equipped with three regas trains, each with a processing capacity of approximately 230 tons/h. Two of the three trains can be operated simultaneously giving a total capacity of 460 tons/h.

Seawater filtration and protection of the regas heat exchanger

The three BOLLFILTERs Automatic Type 6.18 installed on the main deck of the vessel are able to screen 4,600m³/h seawater before it is further transported to the regas plant heat exchangers and as such protect the heat exchangers by filtering particles of 500 microns and larger.

Zoran Tudic, the Terminal Manager of the FSRU Nusantara Regas Satu states:

“When referring to operation, there are three major advantages in favor of the BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18:

  • The very low pressure drop during the flushing phase which enables a continuous flow in the whole process.
  • The easy maintenance.
  • The outstanding quality of the system with robust spare parts which makes the filter durable.

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  • The BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18