Protection of ion removal and treatment system


The refinery infrastructure was upgraded to enable production of ultra-low sulphur diesel. The increased capacity to process sour crudes needs a constant supply of highly purified water, allowing the Steam Methane Reformer to function effectively.

Coarse particle filtration with BOLLFILTER

The first stage of filtration is removal of coarse particles such as pipeline debris. The process water inlet filters comprise of a single BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18 DN200 alongside a bypass or back-up filter, a single BOLLFILTER Simplex Type 1.03.2. Fitted directly on the potable water supply pipeline, the water is filtered to 200-micron to protect the downstream water systems. The BOLLFILTERS prevent blockage of the ultrafine filters, the de-ionising filters and chemical treatment systems to ensure the required flow is maintained, resulting in efficient production of process water for the Steam Methane Reformer. The BOLLFILTERS are a fully automated, robust units that backflush the accumulated debris to waste, controlled by timers with DP override.

The filters are maintained to a high standard by way of regular planned maintenance by BOLLFILTER engineers.

Water quality increased

The water quality has been consistently high since the filters were commissioned and due to the performance f the BOLLFILTERS, contamination in the system is kept to a minimum and ensures smooth operation. Installing BOLLFILTERS for solids removal will extend the lifetime of a typical Ultrafine Filtration System. The BOLLFILTERS will operate for many years with minimal maintenance.

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