BOLLFILTER Duplex Type 2.04.5

Duplex filter with cast housing and plug changeover for small volume flows
Flange Connection
Spheroidal graphite cast iron DN25 - DN80
Cast stainless steel DN25, DN32, DN50
Plug changeover valve
Filter element
Star-pleated element
Basket element
Grade of filtration
10 µm - 5 mm
Pressure stage
Spheroidal graphite cast iron PN25
Cast stainless steel PN19, higher pressures on request
Filter housing
Spheroidal graphite cast iron
Stainless steel casting
Optional equipment
Differential pressure indicator
Version: optical or optical/electrical
Nickel-plated housing
Lid lifting and pivoting device
Water, oil, fuel, chemical liquids
Design code
BOLLFILTER Duplex Type 2.04.5

Duplex filter for liquid filtration

The BOLLFILTER type 2.04.5 is an extremely efficient double filter that has been specially developed for the filtration of liquids such as water, oil and liquid fuels. It is used in both suction and pressure lines and protects downstream system components from dirt or blockages.

BOLLFILTER Duplex Type 2.04.5 features

The double filter type 2.04.5 has two filter chambers, which can be fitted with either star or basket strainers.


Filtration of all liquids ▶ Filtration of all liquids. For installation into suction or pressure pipework to protect plant components preventing accumulation of dirt and sludge
BOLLFILTER Duplex Type 2.04.5
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