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Protection of membrane filtration plants

Maintain complex drinking water treatment processes at low cost: Automatic filters from BOLL & KIRCH are pre-filters with high filtration quality and automatic backwashing to protect your system. The actual treatment process of the drinking water in the membrane plants can remove thus be efficiently maintained by an overall removal and extended run time.

This confirms the fact that operators of large water treatment plants and membrane manufacturers have been using BOLL & KIRCH automatic filters for several years. This interaction gives the term „high water quality“ a completely new meaning - people, environment and system benefit holistically.

Your Benefits:

  • BOLLFILTERs protect membranes in the plant
  • Extension of membrane and plant service life
  • Increased overall plant efficiency protects the environment
  • FouleX® coating minimises maintenance cost


Filtration specialist: BOLL & KIRCH ▶ Sewage- & water treatment ▶ Wastewater treatments ▶ Drinking water plants ▶ Desalination plants ▶ Application-optimised filtration solutions guaranteed
Filtration solutions for water & wastewater treatment plants
Individual platform concept ✓ Minimal operating costs ✓ Adaptive filtration configurations ✓ Multi-part housing construction ✓ Various housing materials ▶ Find out more!
NSAF Filtration with BOLLFILTER
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Water filtration at Dissolved Air Flotation Plant with BOLLFILTER
Air Flotation | Earth Tech Engineering for Essex & Suffolk Water
Anglian Water relies on BOLLFILTER
Anglian Water | Anglian Water
BOLLFILTER protects submerged membrane
Membrane Protection at Bristol Water | Bristol Water
BOLLFILTER as memmbrane protection.
Membrane Protection at Yorkshire Water | Yorkshire Water
Water treatment: Nitrate removal with BOLLFILTER
Nitrate Removal | Christ Kennicott Water Technology

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