Bottle washing machine caustic solution filtration

ABInBev China

Low caustic liquid working life:

When cleaning recycling bottles, a lot of particles, e.g. labels, soiling, cigarette butts, are entering the caustic liquid. As a result the activity of the liquid decreases so that it cannot be used for a long time, its working life is not longer than about 2 weeks. The frequent discharge of caustic liquid from bottle washing machine results in a huge amount of waste of caustic solution, heating energy, water etc. Moreover, it is a big load for the factory’s waste water treatment plant. The downtimes resulting from exchanging the caustic liquid also lead to the factory’s benefit reduction. Therefore, with higher demand of environment protection, all drinking enterprises are urgently looking for a solution with high benefit to extend the working life of caustic liquid. This is what makes filtration for caustic liquid absolutely necessary.

BOLLFILTER solution:

The company BOLL & KIRCH has designed and produced filters which are exactly suitable for this application. BOLLFILTER China designs the automatic filtration system for ABInBev. This system is integrated into Bottle washing machine PLC system screen and for the operator easy to use and take care of.

The filter was installed about one year ago and has led to the following improvements:

  • Prolongation of the caustic liquid’s working life from two weeks to four weeks
    Direct savings on water, caustic and heating energy costs per year ≈ 183,000 RMB

  • Extended production time
    ≈ 576 additional hours production time per year due to less machine stops and failures

  • Better cleaning results
    TSS (Total Suspended Solids) reduction in main caustic tank and less transportation of residues to the post treatment zones.

  • The complaint rate due to gushing could be significantly reduced by using the BOLLFILTER.

Clients / Users
  • ABInBew Foshan factory
Systems in use
  • BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.64 DN125