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Descaling water system issues

On-going issues in descaling water systems are costly pump repairs, plugged or abraded spray nozzles and spray header clogging. All conditions are cause for downtime and strain on maintenance budgets. Real values placed on these shortfalls attribute to high costs of products and operational expenses.

BOLLFILTER eliminates abrasive debris from the supply water

The BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.19 self-cleaning, backwashable strainer strategically located as a system protection device offers numerous system benefits. High pressure pumps operating span is increased exponentially through curtailed abrasion to critical clearance.  

Pump efficiency increased while extending the life and avoiding costly pump repairs and casing rebuilds.  Elimination of abrasive debris from the supply water maintains spray nozzle performance and accuracy. Spray header piping is also a beneficiary as regular need for rodding nozzles or flushing headers is reduced if not totally eliminated.

Steam assist backwashing

The BOLLFILTER Automatic 6.19 versions also offer steam assist backwashing. This feature is a real value when the water supply system is a closed loop. Tramp oils and grease are not easily removed and will accumulate. The introduction of steam into the BOLLFILTER unit easily and quickly reduces the coagulant for flushing from the retention screen. The highly efficient backwash technology, enhanced with steam assist, through bi-direction crossflow and reverse flushing, quickly and easily rid the system of detrimental debris.

Added value for ArcelorMittal:

  • Prolonged pump efficiency & life expectancy
  • Nozzle accuracy maintained
  • Spray header clogging eliminated
  • Less plugging & extended spray nozzle life

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