BOLLFILTER Automatics are installed to filter the raw water and to protect the fine membranes from blockage and damage ✓ aquaBoll® ✓ BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18 Getty Images

Potable drinking water treatment: Membrane protection to provide continual filtration

BOLLFILTER Automatics like the aquaBoll® are installed to filter the raw water and to protect the fine membranes. They operate duty/duty/standby to provide continual filtration.

Reference of drinking water membrane protection at Yorkshire Water Treatment Plant

BOLLFILTER Automatic pre-screens have been installed to protect the membrane plant and to prevent particles reaching the sensitive membrane filters with risk of blockage and damage.

The  site  incorporates  a  massive  state-of-the-art drinking water membrane protection filtration plant. The four banks of primary membranes provide final filtration with a pore size of 150,000 Daltons (0.05 microns). This level of filtration can remove even the tiny cryptosporidium oocyst (egg stage), a cyst containing a zygote formed by a parasitic protozoan such as the malaria parasite that normal chlorine disinfection alone cannot remove.

BOLLFILTER automatics as membrane protection

Reference of submerged membrane protection for drinking water for Bristol Water's Banwell Treatment Plant

Banwell Treatment Plant is designed for un-manned operation. BOLLFILTERs Automatic are particularly suitable for submerged membrane protection type installations thanks to their reliable, self-cleaning operation and minimal maintenance requirements.

The Memcor Continuous Ultrafiltration (CS) System, which provides a barrier against cryptosporidium, other bacteria and suspended solids, consists of six racks of submerged membrane filtration cells, each containing 240 individual membrane modules. Raw water is drawn through the membrane cell walls and up through fine tubes in each cell to provide filtration to 0.1 micron, with automatic backflushing to maintain filtration performance.

DAF saturator protection for dissolved air flotation plant

Reference: Lound Water Treatment Works

Lound Water Treatment Works Essex & Suffolk Water has installed a Dissolved Air Flotation plant at its water treatment site in Lound, Suffolk to complement a traditional system of slow sand filters and rapid gravity filters.

The plant has been fitted with a BOLLFILTER automatic to remove any fine particulates from the water before recycling it back into the air saturators. The two BOLLFILTERs, which are both designed to take the full flow for separate or parallel operation, have a local control system linked to the main plant control room with automatic alarm facility. Thanks to the automatic backflushing, the filters operate continually without need for regular cleaning or maintenance.”

Automatic pre-filter for nitrate removal plant

Chemical elements, such as nitrate and arsenic can occur naturally in ground water. A nitrate removal plant incorporates vessels with ion exchange resin to remove nitrates from raw water. It is vital that any particulates, such as sand or grit, in the water are removed to prevent damage to the sensitive resin beads and stop the risk of blockages.

References in nitrate removal plant

The BOLLFILTER Automatic, which is set to backflush on a regular basis or if the system pressure drops, prevents potential blockages in the nitrate removal plant ion exchange Far Baulker

The nitrate removal plant Grimsbury trusts BOLLFILTER for protecting ion exchange systems from potential blocking or damage from solids.

BOLLFILTERs Automatic feature a self cleaning, backflushing design that ensures efficient, long life without the need for regular cleaning or maintenance. As a result, they are ideal for protecting a water treatment plant even in unmanned situations. By installing a BOLLFILTER Automatic System for nitrate or arsenic removal via Ion Exchange, the life of the resin in the vessels is extended and the requirement for resin backwashing is reduced. 

BOLLFILTERs are installed at the nitrate removal plant ion exchange Isleham as pre-filter to protect the internals from risk of contamination.


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