BOLL CLEAN 2000 cleaning agent

Your optimum cleaning and degreasing agent

Discover the power of BOLL CLEAN 2000, your ultimate solution for effective cleaning and degreasing. Our biodegradable formula is not only environmentally friendly but also safe for use, ensuring it's physiologically harmless for your peace of mind.

Key Features of BOLL CLEAN 2000

  • Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly: Our cleaning agent is designed to break down naturally, reducing environmental impact.
  • Safe and Non-Flammable: With no risk of combustion, you can use our product with confidence.
  • Non-Corrosive and Minimal Odor: Say goodbye to harsh chemical smells and corrosive properties.
  • Versatile Usage: BOLL CLEAN 2000 can be used cold or warm, providing flexibility for various cleaning needs.
  • Compatible with Water, Even Sea Water: Mix with water for enhanced cleaning power, including sea water for marine applications.
  • Temperature Resilient: Our formula can withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring usability even after storage fluctuations.

Maximize Efficiency with BOLL CLEAN 2000: Combine our cleaning agent with our cleaning device type 5.04, for unparalleled results. This dynamic duo ensures rapid restoration of heavily contaminated sieves, making them reusable in no time.

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