BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18  features a unique backflush process that enables to operate without regular cleaning or maintenance ✓ Less maintenance cost Getty Images

Water filtration: Spraying nozzle protection by continuous casting

Using a continuous casting process, the stainless steel is produced for a huge variety of applications from car exhausts to aerospace components.

BOLLFILTERs like the aquaBoll® are used to protect the spray water nozzles of the cooling zones. By prefiltering the water used, they prevent particles from entering the system and clogging the nozzles. 

Reference in stainless concast facility

BOLLFILTER Automatic concast plant filters reduce downtime at Continuous Casting Line at Outokumpu, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of stainless steel
The Outokumpu continuous casting line operates 24 hours a day, using water sprays fed from a central cooling water system to maintain the correct operating temperature and maintain casting  quality. In order  to prevent nozzle blockages, the cooling water must be filtered with concast plant filters to remove particulates introduced during the process or in the open holding tanks. 

To the case study

Reference in slab casting filtration

A number of Bollfilters were installed at the Port Talbot site in South Wales to filter the raw water supply and plant cooling water. Self-Cleaning BOLLFILTER Automatics filter raw water from the internal works reservoir feeding the three slab casters to remove contaminants, as well as in-line cooling water for the slab casting and torch cutting process. A Bollfilter Automatic removes particulates from the cooling tower serving the re-cooling system, and coarse Bollfilter air strainers have been fitted to filter the compressed air system.


Advantages of BOLLFILTERs

BOLLFILTER Automatic  features a unique backflush process that enables to operate without regular cleaning or maintenance – making them ideal for continuous manufacturing processes such as steel-making.

By using BOLLFILTER automatic filters for the protection of spraying nozzles, there is no need to stop casting production for the clearance of the blocked nozzles. 

This means savings through:

  • Downtime reduction  
  • Less maintenance cost


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