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Bottle washing machines: Filtration of caustic

In the beverage industry, glass and PET bottles have a broad acceptance for a long time. Breweries, mineral springs, soft drink manufacturers or bottlers, that work with deposit systems, use bottle washing machines to clean the glass or PET bottles. Depending on the type of bottle washing machine (single- or double-end), the bottles are first immersed in one or more alkaline baths and subsequently the inside of the bottles is cleaned with the help of spray nozzles.

BOLLFILTER as partial flow filter and protection of components:

  • Filtration of the main caustic solution

Paper fibers, glue and adhesives, as well as lacquers, cause most problems in the sodium hydroxide solution. This is where the BOLLFILTER Automatic type 6.64 BWM is used in side stream filtration in order to continuously filter the caustic solution since the conventional sedimentation is partially ineffective.

The aim is to remove contamination from the caustic solution as early as possible and to carry as little residue as possible into the subsequent caustic solution baths or into the post-treatment zones.

  • Protection of the heat exchanger

The BOLLFILTER automatic aquaBoll® / type 6.18 BWM protects the heat exchanger against loss of efficiency and waste of resources.

  • Direct protection of spray nozzles

The BOLLFILTER automatic aquaBoll®  / type 6.18 BWM increases the cleaning quality for the bottles and avoids the blocking of the spray bars.

Benefits of the BOLLFILTERs

  • Increases the service life of the caustic solution - reliable dirt removal
  • Extending the production time through fewer machine stops and unplanned failures
  • Improved cleaning results
  • Considerably better overall condition of the machine
  • No deposits in the flowless zones
  • Reduced maintenance



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